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Publisher Issues Aren’t Relevant to Advertisers
Netflix Aims to Save Data; AT&T, Verizon Just Take
Big Cable Must Admit Landscape Has Changed
Programmatic Buying Doesn’t Need New Process
Nielsen Numbers Don’t Add Up for Media Buys
Nielsen Numbers Don’t Add Up for Media Buys
Acknowledge Native Advertising for What It Is
Nielsen Numbers Don’t Add Up for Media Buys
Scale Drives Viability of Broadcast, Cable Ads
Agencies Judged on Responses They Deliver
Truth in Labeling Essential to Native Advertising
Subscriber-Based Netflix Confounds Competitors
Shortsighted Business Threatens Common Good
Truth in Advertising Goes Beyond Facts in Ads
Brief Visit to Big Apple Buoys Holiday Spirit
HPM’s Feinstein Up for Direct Marketing Award
IAB Recognition of Ad Problem Too Little Too Late
ROI Reveals True Value of Media Ad Buys
Responsiveness Is Part of Social-Media Contract
Mainstream Media Catches Up to Online Ad Fraud
Don’t Take Social-Media Metrics Too Seriously
Time to Value User Experience with Online Ads
Responsiveness Is Part of Social-Media Contract
Consolidation Needed for TV to Please Advertisers
Humans Must Reject, not Solve, Facial Recognition
ROI Remains the TV-Ad Metric that Matters
Programmatic Is Not a One-Stop Solution
The Life of Louie…
Transparency Crucial for Programmatic TV
Ad Blocking: Beyond Tech vs. Tech
I Don’t Have Time for Your Surveys
Prepare for Flood of Political Ads
We Put Manual Buying to the Test
Print Media Have Value in Simplicity
It’s Not About Us; It’s About Them
Google/YouTube ‘News’ Is Scary
Tech is a Tool, Not an Answer
Make Authenticity Your Calling Card
Treat Online Audio Like Its Rivals
Fighting Fraud Is an Ongoing Effort
Don’t Cry for Comcast’ It’ll Be Okay
What You Don’t See Is What You Get
Quality Media Give in to Native Ads
Protecting Data Will Be Hard Work
Quality Tops Quantity in Advertising
Branded Content Invisible on Social Media
Understand Those Targeting Our Privacy
’Net Access: Will Lawmakers Listen?
Unbundling: A Battle of Ideas, Hardware
It’s All or Not for Online-Ad Viewability
Tech: Think Past Desired Outcomes
Ad Platforms Must Reassess Meaning of ‘Impression’
Facebook vs. Apple: Only One Offers Value to Users
Simple Fact Is, TV Remains No. 1
Fragmentation Hits TV Advertisers, Platforms
Access to ’Net Not a Partisan Matter
My Impression? Ad Buyer Beware
Annoying, Yes, But Political Ads Good for Economy
Developing Metrics is a Deliberate Process
Targeted Local TV Ad Buys Could Boost Efficiency


HPM’s Feinstein Joins ‘Response’ Advisory Board
HPM’s Feinstein Up for Direct Marketing Award
DR Marketers Can Find A Powerful Captive Audience on Radio
HPM Works Virtually Helped by FluentStream
New Partnership Offers Clients More Access to Southern California
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Mistakes to Avoid in Choosing an Ad Agency
The Gifts That Keep on Giving
Per Inquiry Ad Process Becomes Cheaper, More Accessible
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Per-Inquiry Ad Firm Flips Paradigm for Growth
Business Week Letter to the Editor
Get Fundraising Costs in Line with Results
Per-Inquiry Marketing Boosts Two New Clients
Ad Agency Lets Clients Direct Holiday Giving
HPM Selects Operations Manager from Within
HPM Helps Sponsor Response Expo 2008
HPM Hires New Media Development Director
Per-Inquiry Advertising Goes Mobile
Ask Not What Technology Can Do, But How It Can Work for You
HPM Hire Brings Expertise in Two Critical Areas
Letter to the Editor of BusinessWeek
Higher Power Inks Deal for Client Development
HPM’s Feinstein to Blog From Response Expo 2009
TV Advertising Evolves with Digital Shift
PI Can Help Lawyers Locate Plaintiffs at Lower Cost
Higher Power Marketing announces plans to expand into the Canadian Television Market
HPM Receives ‘Best of Business’ Award
HPM Founder Featured in National Trade Magazine
HPM’s Feinstein to Blog Response Expo 2010
Higher Power Marketing Brings on New Vice President of Media
Higher Power Marketing Taps Kona Financial to Do Bookkeeping
Cost-Per-Action Formula Pleases Advertisers, Media Alike
Per-Inquiry Ad Agency HPM Nominated for Two Awards
Focus Beats Technology in Enabling Virtual Workplaces
Higher Power Marketing Earns ‘Inc.’ Magazine Ranking
Sweeps Period, Election Season Squeeze Radio Ad Inventory
Cost-Per-Action Advertising Evolves Quickly
Mobile Audio Gains Ground Amid Radio Ad Crunch
HPM to Attend Electronic Retailing Show in Las Vegas
HPM Online Demo Illustrates How iTV Works
Higher Power Marketing Hires Manager for Media Partnerships
HPM Hires Quality-Assurance Pro to Prevent Missed Connections