HPM Offers Total Accountability

You’ll find our lead tracking system to be simple, yet compressive.

We start with a bank of thousands of unique toll-free phone numbers, and the industry’s first and only system for accurately tracking the source of every web-produced lead or sale sourced from offline media. It sounds like we’re bragging, and maybe we are a little, but in reality we’re really just taking credit for what we invented, tested and refined.

But you want to know what’s in it for you, so here it is: Through HPM, you have the unique ability to track the origin and quality of every call, and web lead, regardless of its source. It gives you so much more power over your campaigns, and gives us the ability to more effectively optimize all your media. Its simplicity is its power: Our system uses actual consumer behavior which guarantees its accuracy. It’s much more accurate and powerful than an algorithm or statistical attribution model… which all have exceptions. Our system doesn’t have exceptions, it just works.

On the toll-free number side of the process, each client campaign has, at its core, a roster of tracking numbers. We’ve put a lot of research into the type of toll free phone numbers we use, making it easier for people to remember the number to call.

And each media partner gets its own exclusive, toll free number. That way we can track the source and origin of every single call with absolute certainty.

More details about the web: With more and more action taking place online, you must have a reliable way to accurately identify the origin of every call or click. We invented, tested, and refined our Unique URL addressing system over 10 years ago. Every web address is created by design too. We take a root URL that is relevant to the content of the commercial and we then designate unique URL’s from that root address that consumers automatically enter when they’re responding to any of our clients’ offline media. Yes, there is science behind this methodology, all of which is designed to make it easy to remember – and offers us, our clients and media partners flawless track-ability.

All of this information is compiled on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis, in detailed reporting, letting our Media Partners know exactly how our ads work on their networks. And, how much money they’re making!

We’d love to explain this in greater detail with you; as you can imagine there are parts of the system we’ve created that makes our advertising methods work flawlessly – and that set us apart from everyone else.

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