TV is Still More Useful than Social Media

TV advertising is arguably the most powerful and persuasive kind of advertising available today, still more powerful than social media*. Its dominance flows from its unique ability to combine audio and visual messages into mass reach. The reason it continues to be more important than social media is that it is the source of creating the demand. Without TV, social media is just random conversation. TV directs the web presence or social conversation. TV continues to demonstrate time and again that it can be counted on to deliver top line sales; it is television advertising campaigns, through HPM, that makes the bottom line worth your investment in this stunningly effective medium!

HPM can help make television advertising campaigns work for you, whether it’s in a dozen markets, a hundred markets, or across the entire country!

We recognize TV’s power; our relationships allow us to work with all the major broadcast TV networks, most every national cable network, several hundred broadcast TV stations and hundreds of cable TV interconnects and program syndicators…all with one purpose: To help you have the very best television marketing experience possible.

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*US Millennials: TV Most Influential Advertising Medium (http://www.marketingcharts.com/wp/television/us-millennials-tv-is-the-most-influential-advertising-medium-41493/)