Save 50-80% on DR Radio

If it’s more important for you to know exactly when your commercial is going to air, and what radio stations your advertising is running on, you’ll probably want to talk to us about our Direct Response advertising (DR) system. In our paid direct response radio advertising program, we replace the inconsistencies inherent with per inquiry (pay-per-call) advertising with the reliability of actual time buys on well-established, well-targeted national radio networks and highly rated local stations (on a market-by-market basis) at 30-70% savings.

If you’re really intent on targeting specific markets (any market, it doesn’t matter… from #1 to #268) and want to be airing on top-rated stations, with confirmed schedules that clear better than 97% of the time, then we’re the smartest choice you can make. By using proprietary technology, we’re able to place your radio buys on a market-by-market basis with these two guarantees:

1. Your schedules will cost at least 30% less than you could buy it yourself, and;

2. Your commercial schedule will run exactly as ordered, without being pre-empted!

How do we do it? We buy media just before it’s going to go to waste, so the media companies are only too happy to sell it to HPM. We come with cash in hand (yes, ALL DR radio schedules are 100% prepaid) and in exchange, our media partners promise to cut their pricing down to pennies on the dollar, and to run the schedule as ordered, period. They get to sell their spots for cash, you get a results-oriented schedule that is guaranteed to run, and you’ve saved 50-80% in this direct response marketing process!

It’s Direct Response Radio Advertising at its best. You can put our relationships to the test!

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