Per Inquiry Will Save You REAL Money

What if your advertising budget was spent on genuine prospects instead of the cost of airtime or media space?

Per-Inquiry (PI) Advertising, also known as pay-per-call, or pay-per-action advertising, is where clients agree to pay a set price for each qualifying call - instead of paying for their time or space costs.

Here’s how we do it: We literally pay thousands of radio stations, TV outlets, mobile networks, interactive TV syndicators and print outlets across the country to produce a direct response to our clients’ offers. Our clients pay-per-call, per qualified call.

Our Per-Inquiry Advertising model assures that our clients pay only for qualified calls instead of the media’s air time or space costs. It’s easy to get started. Once we get a clear understanding of where you are on The Path, we take in a small, refundable, account-opening security deposit. Then we cycle your offer to our media partners, who produce trackable, measurable results. Every Monday we issue invoicing to our clients for the previous week’s qualified call activity, and our clients make their payment to us by that same Thursday. Simple, clean and easy. HPM takes the risk out of your advertising while producing quality results.

This means your advertising dollars are spent creating qualified leads and responsive new clients instead of on airtime or print space. We offer accountability.

You won’t find another advertising agency like HPM. Our Standard: If our media partners fail to deliver the leads we’ve promised, HPM will give you your money back for every unproduced lead, guaranteed.

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