Mobile That Actually Works

HPM’s mobile marketing platform offers the broadest reach of mobile phone subscribers of any mobile advertising network…because it brings you the potential of reaching 100% of all mobile phones, with ads displayed on multiple mobile platforms, including iPhone, Android, Windows, and Blackberry phones.

Our network is the funnel through which 90+% of all mobile web ads are served! With over 4 billion ad impressions served every month there isn’t another mobile platform we know of that delivers more. When you want to reach consumers everywhere they are, their Smartphone and tablet, is the best place to do it… and our mobile platform can be your single point of entry!

An amazing medium, we have the capability of tapping any and all mobile web users…from people doing mobile searches (Google, Yahoo and Bing), to consumers using advertising supported apps… we reach people where they are most likely to be receptive to receiving your message.

And instead of just taking these people to a mobile version of a standard website, we offer every mobile user the opportunity to listen to an audio commercial (like radio), watch a video (like TV), land on a custom-designed micro-site, or make a call.

From there, if they like what they see, hear or read, they can either fill in a short form, or click-to-call directly into a client’s call center - Actually we deploy a proprietary technology that pre-screens every single mobile click-to-call, serving as an essential ingredient to resolving the quality-standard issue that plagues most other mobile media campaigns. We invented the process - calling it “Press-5”, and it virtually eliminates every single unintended call from any mobile device.

At HPM, we do mobile media advertising with an expertise you won’t find anywhere else, and a stewardship of client campaigns unrivaled by any in the industry.

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