You Want Sales; We Fill Your Funnel

What if all your advertising worked?

The best results are created by putting the right message in front of the right market.

The combination of intuition and science are the foundation behind understanding the way people respond to the advertising messages they see and hear. This is something we continue to study and at which we’ve become more and more proficient.

What kind of stimulus triggers the consumer to act on one message vs. another is in a constant state of flux, moving faster today than it ever has before. With the ever-advancing state of technology, this velocity is going to continue accelerating. At HPM we’re passionate about not only knowing what’s working today, but using our unique understanding of technology, training and intuition to hone in on, and get a sense of what’s coming next, and more importantly two steps down the road. No one in DR advertising is doing this like HPM. We use our understanding of consumer desires, and how those motivations are shifting, to provide our clients with the best possible opportunities of receiving higher response rates and accuracy of tracking their source.

We write and produce extremely effective custom creative for every single one of our client offers. We test everything to make sure it’s going to produce optimal results. The most important thing we do is actually something we don’t do: We don’t assume we know. We TEST, to get a clear and accurate picture of what the market is doing. We use the best of what’s been tested to make sure we place the right message in the correct media, reaching the right market.

Our copywriters not only have a vast amount of experience writing advertising copy, they’re also attuned to consumer psychology. In other words, we use what we know about the market to help our clients and media partners make more money! Day after day, for 15 years now, we’ve been successfully identifying the triggers that make people respond to our clients’ offers.

There will likely be several common elements in the wording of the call to action, even though the content of the ad will vary according to each client’s services or products.

Our expertise is proven everyday: One of our Per-Inquiry clients saved more than 936% in media costs by advertising using PI commercials, instead of just buying time. That’s in addition to the over 20,000 potential new customers they received.

HPM creates PI advertising commercials and campaigns that produce measurable, trackable results. Put us to work for your next campaign. Just click “Chat Live” up above and let’s get connected.