DRTV- Get More for Less

We actually have 3 different Direct Response TV (DRTV) advertising options, each will save you a profound amount of money.

Our first DRTV advertising strategy uses national cable networks for mass penetration of very targeted demographic consumer markets; that’s fancy language for: We save you money by only playing your commercial to the people who you want seeing it! Each national cable network gets you coverage in the tens of millions of households, reaching into every city and town across the country! And our model is priced 30% to 80% less than if you purchased the avails yourself.

Our second DRTV option features DISH and DIRECTV. You instantly open yourself up to their tens of millions of subscribers across the country. You get to leverage the national platform at a fraction of national cables or broadcast networks. We can segment your message by clusters of channels so that we’re really using the targeting power of these networks and keeping your message in front of a focused audience of millions of potential consumers!

Our third DRTV program is our most popular, chosen by advertisers who want to target specific geographic areas before they roll their message out nationally. With direct access to over 800 cable TV systems across the country, we can literally tap into any market you’d want to target…quickly And we can have a realistic, reliable proposal in your hands in less than 48 hours after you request it…for any market or combinations of markets! And the rates will be at least 25% better than you’ll get if you call the cable system yourself…we’ve had some of our clients check up on us and they found we were saving them over 30% from the rates they were quoted!

Any of these great DRTV advertising programs are available to you…it just takes an email or toll-free call, or better yet, just click “Chat Live” up above and let’s get connected right now.