Save 65%+ on Your Cash Media Buying

Maybe you’re thinking, “Sure, I’ve heard that before, but our last agency cleared less than 50% of our spots, what makes you so unique?” Great Question!

Cash Buying, the HPM way: We regularly see 97% or better clearance of every schedule we place. In the rare instance that less than that clears, we know by the following Wednesday; we either issue an immediate refund, or roll the money into your next week’s schedule. Most of our cash-buying clients actually prefer us to get their make-goods as quickly as they can, often the very next week, to build on the previous week’s inbound call or web-based activity.

Because of the power of our relationships with the media, where we spend millions of dollars a year, HPM can buy time or space for pennies on the dollar. By using our knowledge and media relationships we save our clients up to 65% or more on their cash buying advertising.

Think about hiring HPM…

Before spending your advertising budget using methods you’ve tried but that have failed to bring your desired results, let HPM evaluate your media and placements to create a more effective plan. Many times we’ve saved our clients a profound amount of money on their advertising and increased sales with our Cash Buying system.

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