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HPM Can Beam Clients to Web-Enabled Handheld Devices

PHOENIX (June 9, 2008) — The per-inquiry (PI) advertising specialists at Higher Power Marketing (HPM) have made the jump to mobile media.

The agency has acquired the capability to convert radio commercials into text and graphic landing pages on WAP-enabled phones and handheld devices. WAP, or wireless application protocol, enables access to the Internet from a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA).

“Those who have Blackberries, Palm phones or Windows Mobile phones and who surf the ’Net can now access our advertisers,” says Peter Feinstein, HPM’s president and chief executive officer. “When a mobile user finds an intriguing banner ad, he or she simply clicks on it. That either can send the browser to our client’s Web site or connect the phone to the advertiser’s call center.”

And this won’t eat into the user’s air time.

“This has absolutely no effect on their minutes,” Feinstein says. “They get this as a function of their mobile Web browsing. It’s very simple and very straightforward.”

The technology can deliver 100 million impressions a week, reaching mobile subscribers multiple times on the periphery of Web pages they visit.

HPM is one of the leading national firms specializing in PI, a form of direct-response advertising in which the client receives free ad time and space while paying only for results. HPM has relationships with media outlets across the country – print, radio, television and Web – and access to their unsold inventories of ad space. The agency acquires the rights to the unsold time and/or space for its clients, which pay only for qualified responses.

Feinstein says WAP-optimized Web sites are great platform for lead generation.

“This brings our advertisers a mobile, more-affluent, younger target market than traditional print or broadcast PI campaigns,” he says. “We’re very careful about who we bring to this marketplace. We’re constantly bombarded by advertisers interested in reaching this segment, but we’re careful about making sure the advertiser is a good fit for the medium and vice versa.”

This jibes with HPM’s corporate ethos – that good karma comes to those who follow the Golden Rule.

“We don’t just run an advertiser because we can,” Feinstein says. “We weigh each advertiser to make sure we’re doing the right thing for everybody in the process.”

Feinstein says the push into mobile advertising really gained strength at a direct-response marketing trade show last month.

“It was really a matter of meeting with the key players and solidifying what had been e-mail and telephone relationships into personal relationships,” Feinstein explains. “We were able to pre-qualify and get a number of new clients into this platform.”