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Advertisers can get results with 30 percent fewer toll-free numbers

PHOENIX (Feb. 15, 2007) — Improvements in Higher Power Marketing’s (HPM) proprietary per inquiry (PI) data processes are allowing clients to advertise through an increasing number of media outlets while paying less to track customer response.

The upgrades are making PI advertising more affordable – thus, more accessible – for would-be clients.

The key to PI – also known variously as cost per lead (CPL), pay per lead (PPL), cost per action (CPA) or direct response (DR) – is that the client receives free ad time and space while paying only for results. Arizona-based HPM has relationships with media outlets across the country – radio, television, print, Internet and movie theaters – and access to their unsold inventory. The agency acquires the rights to the unsold time and/or space for its clients, which pay only for qualified responses. Thus, a client can establish a stable, predictable CPL within its business plan, assuring a positive return on investment (ROI). HPM is a leader in PI and one of only a few firms to offer a money-back guarantee on the per inquiry advertising it places (http://www.hpowermarketing.com/our_guarante.asp).

One advantage of PI advertising is that it’s trackable. HPM provides a turnkey package that includes exclusive toll-free numbers for potential customers to respond. When they do, the PI advertising agency’s contract call centers answer the incoming calls.

According to HPM President and CEO Peter Feinstein, the recent upgrades in the agency’s PI database-management processes can cut the number of toll-free numbers required by 30 percent. “Reducing the number of toll-free numbers required for a campaign results in quite a cost savings for clients. Fewer toll-free numbers means fewer versions of a commercial need to be produced,” Feinstein says. “It’s all about saving our clients money on the front end and helping them see a positive ROI on the back end.

HPM’s emphasis on PI or CPL results appeals to clients who care about how well their advertising works, not necessarily when or where it runs. Those clients come from a variety of business sectors, including:

Health insurance
IRS tax resolution
Structured settlements
Higher education
Credit counseling
Tort litigation
Home/lifestyle improvement

Business opportunities
Home care products
Travel vacation sales
Automotive aftermarket
Debt elimination
Information services
Weight-loss programs
Medical discount programs

By allowing clients to do more for less, HPM makes PI advertising accessible to companies interested in growing business without the usual risks associated with advertising.