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Mobile Audio Gains Ground Amid Radio Ad Crunch - 1341203340

With political spots taking much of the advertising inventory on broadcast radio, savvy cost-per-action (CPA) advertisers are turning their interest to mobile media, where the inventory is elastic and campaign ads are less ubiquitous.

Within that segment, I’m directing clients to mobile audio platforms that run commercials alongside music. While mobile business and gaming apps have potential, they are not yet able to provide the concentration of eyeballs necessary to make CPA advertising effective. Mobile audio platforms can.

My agency, Higher Power Marketing (HPM) specializes in CPA advertising, also known as per-inquiry (PI), pay-per-lead (PPL) or direct-response (DR) advertising. Basically, HPM has relationships with media outlets and access to their unsold inventories of ad time or space. We fill those voids with our clients’ ads. Clients aren’t billed for the placements; rather, they pay based upon the number of responses.
At HPM, we try to work for unified markets, as opposed to fractured or diverse markets. It’s more effective to put a message out in front of a platform that has 93 million users than to seek insertion into a solitaire gaming app that might be used by 10,000 people at any given time.

Apps can look really appealing, especially when you see that they’ve been downloaded by 11 million people. But while download statistics are valuable to developers, they don’t necessarily offer a value to advertisers. What’s important, from our perspective, is how many people are going to be using the app at any given moment, and thus be able to see the ad. Even allowing for a generous response rate, the number of people using a gaming app isn’t going to be sufficient to move the needle.

On a platform such as Pandora, 9.3 million people may be listening at any given time. So when one of our clients’ adds is played, we see some pretty significant results right off the bat.
It’s all based upon minute-by-minute usage at any given time.

How It Works
Unlike the groupings of three or four 60-second commercials on broadcast radio stations, ads on mobile audio platforms are typically either 15 or 30 seconds, and only one or two run at any given time. These ads may come with a full-screen, synched banner ad or a smaller banner ad. Either way, there is a click-to-call mechanism embedded in the banner.

HPM simplifies this process for our clients. Before we sign an agreement with any kind of platform, we get an understanding of what specifications it requires. If they’re using banner ads synched with audio, we’ll find out what dimensions the banner ads need to be and what file sizes and types will work. We database all of that, so we can tell clients off the bat, “This is what we’re going to need from you.”
Interestingly, the great thing about mobile audio is that just about everybody has gone to the 15-second audio message. There is a fair degree of standardization. In terms of sound quality, we’ve found that either MP3 or wav with certain production values works quite well. Plus, HPM integrates its proprietary roadblock technology that requires a consumer to take specific and definitive action in order to get connected to a client’s call center. We have a recipe for success for both the client and our media partner!

At HPM, we have so much experience in audio work because of all the radio that we’ve done that it makes it very simple for us to hit that whole set of criteria very easily. We can write and produce just about everything our clients are doing with audio.

Mobile audio also offers a degree of demographic targeting. We can supply any of these platforms with demographic information, and they can do the targeting for us. They’ll make a determination as to as to what music the ad accompanies. It’s not an exact science, but it’s a refinement over simply filling empty add space.”
For these reasons, mobile audio has emerged as one of the hot new CPA platforms for 2012, and likely beyond. If this sounds good to you, click here for more information.