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HPM Hires Quality-Assurance Pro to Prevent Missed Connections - 1389074940

PHOENIX (Jan. 6, 2014) — Higher Power Marketing has brought Mark Antonelli on board as its new quality-assurance manager.

Antonelli’s role is to ensure that every toll-free phone number and every web address HPM advertises for its clients actually connects to the correct destination. The agency does this to assure both clients and media partners that no responses will be lost in transmission.

“In short, he understands that in order for the end product to work, A must connect to Z, no matter how many points there are in between, ” says Peter Feinstein, HPM’s president and CEO. “And that’s what he does for us. He makes sure that consumers calling or clicking on our client offers get to the right place, every time.”

Based in Austin, Texas, Antonelli has almost two decades of experience as a laboratory supervisor and quality engineer – seven years in aerospace, six in the medical-device industry, three in pharmaceuticals and two in the semiconductor business.

“I have experience with ISO, KEMA and customer audits, as well as supplier reassessment and product complaints,” he says. “I have over 10 years experience in supervision and coordination of testing laboratories and personnel.”

Antonelli is married to a nurse and has four children and six grandsons. Originally from Boston, he lived in California for 20 years before moving to Texas five years ago.

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