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HPM Hires New Media Development Director - 1216101780

Per-Inquiry Ad Agency Picks Roger Eon Jr. to Cultivate Media Partnerships

PHOENIX (July 14, 2008) — Higher Power Marketing has named Roger Eon Jr. to be its new director of media development.

“Roger will be taking a strategic view of developing HPM’s media network and working to cultivate new, significant media relationships,” said Peter Feinstein, president and chief executive officer of the per-inquiry (PI) advertising agency.

Eon has more than 14 years of direct-response experience in the Boston market. He is a noted media buyer and former agency co-owner who began his career with the National Science Foundation, working to create partnerships between major corporations and universities.

As HPM’s media development director, he will:

uncover media outlets that need to monetize unsold advertising inventory;

evaluate the advertising potential of media outlets that seek out HPM for help, as well HPM’s capacity to assist; and

cultivate relationships with existing media partners to improve the lead/sales generation performance of each based upon a strategic use of HPM’s proprietary Reach and Frequency media models, which predict accurately how many advertisers should be running at a given time on any given media outlet for optimal per-lead revenue potential.

“We want to make sure we’re bringing on media outlets that actually can benefit from our placing PI advertising with them,” Feinstein said. “Roger and I have established criteria that he will use to make recommendations to me on which outlets are the best fit for HPM and its clients.”

PI is a form of direct-response advertising in which the client receives free ad time and space while paying only for results. HPM has relationships with media outlets across the country – radio, television and print – and access to their unsold inventories of ad space. The agency acquires the rights to the unsold time and/or space for its clients, which pay only for qualified responses. The approach also is known as cost per lead (CPL), pay per lead (PPL) or cost per action (CPA).

In keeping with HPM’s practice of utilizing the best talent wherever that person may be living, Eon will represent the Phoenix-based agency from his East Coast offices.

A veteran of the Persian Gulf War, Eon is active in the International Retts Syndrome Foundation (www.rettsyndrome.org) on behalf of his stepdaughter, Chelsea.

Says Feinstein, “I’ve known Roger for several years and have admired his work ethic, his growth as a human being and his willingness to do whatever it takes to stay honest about any given situation so that everyone’s best interests are genuinely served.”