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HPM Hire Brings Expertise in Two Critical Areas - 1225432800

PHOENIX (Oct. 30, 2008) — Higher Power Marketing has brought Paul Leonardi on board to be manager of traffic and information technologies, a newly created position.

Leonardi will relieve Operations Manager Stephanie Klein of traffic management responsibilities, allowing her to concentrate more on HPM’s day-to-day functions. He also will bring the Phoenix-based per-inquiry (PI) advertising agency the expertise to integrate today’s quickly evolving technology to benefit clients and media partners alike.

“He and I have already begun to forge a strong relationship that will make the transitioning of traffic responsibilities a smooth one,” Klein says.
PI is a form of direct-response advertising in which the client receives free ad time and space while paying only for results. HPM has relationships with media outlets across the country – radio, television, print and mobile media – and access to their unsold inventories of ad space. The agency acquires the rights to the unsold time and/or space for its clients, which pay only for qualified responses. The approach also is known as cost per lead (CPL), pay per lead (PPL) or cost per action (CPA).

Leonardi brings HPM more than eight years of IT know-how and has worked in traffic management – essentially, getting the right ads to the correct media outlets – for more than five years.

“In PI advertising, traffic management is pivotal,” Leonardi explains. “Since we have to track every action taken by consumers contacting our clients, we have to make sure that the correct ad – with its unique toll-free number or Web address – reaches its assigned media outlet. If an ad goes to the wrong media outlet, then we cannot track the source of each lead accurately.”
Peter Feinstein, HPM’s president and chief executive officer, echoes Klein’s enthusiasm about Leonardi, saying that creating the new job for him was “an inspiration.”

“I’ve known Paul for more than three years, admire his work ethic and experience, and value the expertise he brings to the company,” Feinstein says. “He is the ideal candidate to handle both aspects of this demanding new position.”

In keeping with HPM’s practice of utilizing the best talent wherever that person may be living, Leonardi will work for the Phoenix-based agency from Jacksonville Beach, Fla.