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Higher Power Marketing announces plans to expand into the Canadian Television Market - 1252558080

September 2009 Phoenix, AZ

As always Higher Power Marketing is committed to giving our clients top of the line service. This includes uncovering new markets to help our clients expand their customer base.

Toronto, Ontario Canada is the 4th largest market in North America with households spending at least 1/3 more annually than the largest US cities.

Our Canadian TV partner reaches over 1.7 million homes in Southern Ontario and Nova Scotia with a potential reach of over 4 million people. Their demograpahic includes both men and women who make up 46% and 54% of their viewership respectively. Almost 1/2 (46%) of viewers have a household income of $60,000 or greater, with almost half of those viewers (20%) having a household income of $100,000 or more, with over a 60% majority falling into the 18-44 category.

Some major benefits of advertising with our Canadian TV partner:

The only 24/7 advertising station broadcasting in both analogue and digital
The only half hour spots available in prime time and mid-day hours
Highly effective station for repeat advertisers over the last 11 years
Dedicated team of Direct Response specialists can help advertisers get measurable results in the first week of airings
Timeslots can be aligned around specific demographics and viewer profiles from other channels

Canada is an untapped market. An opportunity we feel our clients should be taking advanatage of to increase their revenue stream.