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‘Business Rules’ Builds Audience Quickly - 1524175440

The audience for Business Rules with Peter Feinstein, the internet talk-radio program hosted by Higher Power Marketing’s president/CEO, has surpassed 3,000 monthly listeners twice since it premiered on Sept. 13, 2017.

Business Rules tackles the nuts and bolts of business, drawing from the experiences of its host and weekly guests, successful people who live and breathe entrepreneurship every day. It appears Wednesdays at 11 a.m. Eastern/8 a.m. Pacific on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Network. It’s available subsequently on demand from VoiceAmerica and, a day later, iTunes.

After an initial 13-week run, Business Rules was renewed for an additional 26 weeks. It surpassed the 3,000 mark in January 2018 and again in March. In all, episodes of the show have been played about 15,000 times.

Feinstein’s topics range from general to specific, ethical to inspirational. He preaches that there is nothing to fear in business once you understand the rules; that you can practice commerce with a conscience; and that you can lose a battle here and there and still win the war.

“Working with Peter Feinstein has been a wonderfully empowering experience,” says Winston Price, the show’s senior executive producer at VoiceAmerica. “The growth and success of Business Rules with Peter Feinstein comes as no surprise when you see what Peter is doing with his show.”

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Higher Power Marketing (HPM), the Phoenix-based agency Feinstein founded in 1999, provides customized direct-response (DR) and per-inquiry (PI) media solutions that deliver cost-effective results with predictable success. HPM has the relationships and experience to be able to buy exceptional media at pennies on the dollar, and can deliver access to hundreds of millions of Americans via more than 8,000 radio stations, more than 600 individual television stations and national cable TV networks. That access, combined with its unique consumer-action tracking system, gives HPM clients a more-powerful media plan that makes each client’s ROI the highest priority.


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