Grow and Earn a LOT More Money!

A While back our team came up with a brilliant idea: Let’s give our Media Partners more money for producing more leads. We see our Media Partners in a very special light: Media Partners are forever. We do everything we can to protect and serve their best interests. It sounds corny, but it’s true. To us, our Media Partners are that important… they are part of the very fabric of the success of the company. As strategic partners, our Media Partners are the:

  • Foundation on which we build our success.
  • Means through which we grow each of clients.
  • Champions of our business model.

So in wanting to go above and beyond just lip-service to them, we deliberately created a program that rewards every Media Partner’s growth with cash!

It’s called the HPM Cash-Back Rewards program, and it’s designed to pay our partners more cash every month they grow with HPM! Each month they produce just 5% or more revenue than the month before, we pay them an extra 5% cash on that growth… and there’s no cap on how much we’ll pay! If you become an HPM Media Partner, you’re eligible for our Cash-Back Rewards program in your second month! If you grow 6% or 6,000%, we pay you 5% on your growth! Our team thought it was the best way to put our money where our mouths are… offering our media partners more cash, just for doing what they each do for HPM… helping our clients go and grow!

The more you grow with HPM, the more we pay you!

And if you think this sounds good, then you’ll love how easy it is to work with us… it’s why we call you a Media Partner:

  • We place no time or space restrictions when or where you can run HPM’s clients ads, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year.
  • Independent, third-party call centers accept phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year, so every call that comes in gets counted.
  • HPM does all the heavy-lifting, so you don’t have to. We send you ready-to-run, professionally produced ads with a unique tracking number or URL.
  • HPM’s private Media Partner network is available to you online so you can see each week’s (reports are uploaded by 7am EST every Thursday) anytime you want; just login.
  • HPM pays for all leads produced by the 25th of the month following the month the leads were produced. For example, this month leads will be paid by the 25th of next month.
  • In addition, if the client stops the campaign, we pay you for leads produced during each media platform’s standard Drag Period.

Are you ready to sign-up? Become an HPM Media Partner, sign-up here