CBS Keeps Eye on the Ball in Daytime

2017 06 28   Peter Feinstein   TV and Ratings    

For CBS, as with people, the pain of staying the same has to exceed the fear of change before new ideas will be entertained.

Apparently there’s very little perceived pain among decision-makers at CBS relative to their daytime TV lineup because it makes them money. All other metrics can easily be cast aside as long as return on investment (ROI) remains intact.

And that’s the point: Disrupters enjoy playing cute little games to demonstrate just how cool they are. In most instances, they’re pathetic wannabes who didn’t get what they wanted as kids, so they crave attention and “attaboys.” Now, as adult children, they have the wherewithal to enact some of their childish “what-ifs.” They can throw temper tantrums and have people pay attention to them.

CBS gets to have the last laugh – and a great laugh it is! I applaud its savvy to put ROI ahead of everything else.