US Is In Slow Lane on Information SuperhighwayForbes.com recently posted an item to its Tech blog he

2014 07 23   Peter Feinstein   The PI Blog    

Forbes.com recently posted an item to its Tech blog headlined: “Using A Second Screen While Watching TV Is The New Normal.” It said 56 percent of Americans use a smartphone, laptop or tablet while watching television – more than the global average but far less than folks in most Asian countries. While some might cite cultural differences, I believe the answer lies in technological infrastructure.

It comes down to bandwidth and connectivity speed. Americans are hamstrung by this country’s pathetic internet-service providers (ISPs), which dribble the world’s slowest connection speeds while marketing it as “high-speed.” High speed compared to what … dial-up? You bet. The rest of the connected world? Not even close.

Americans are in a class by themselves, paying the most money for the least service and speed. The fact that 56 percent are accessing second or multiple screens with such slow connections should be fair warning to the ISPs that just one forward-thinking company could own the market if it simply rolled out light-speed connectivity to more than a few beta-test markets. It will happen; and when it does, the cable and DSL companies will simply fade away.