Simple Fact Is, TV Remains No. 1

2014 12 01   Peter Feinstein   The PI Blog    

Boom! A home run by Maarten Albarda!

This post rings true because there is no hype. It’s just easy-to-understand facts. And the things he posits as his opinion are facts for him, but he leaves that open for you to integrate into your own experience.

The most telling things here are his lack of exaggeration. At nearly 100 percent penetration, television already is the standard. And with equal lack of hype, he offers the true numbers of cord-cutting and the fact that most people who are companion screening while watching TV are using the companion screen for stuff that is entirely unrelated.

I’ll add my own spin to Maarten’s piece: In preparation for an upcoming column, the research I’m doing demonstrates to me that the most successful online brands at getting venture capital are using that money to buy TV advertising. TV! The tip of the iceberg on my research shows me that the reason they’re using it is because it works at bringing them new customers, who come back over and over again