What’s so Wrong About Thinking INSIDE the Box

2017 09 18   Peter Feinstein   The Higher Power in HPM    

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Everyone wants to think, “outside the box.” What’s wrong with thinking inside-the-box thinking, and why do boxes get such a bad wrap? There’s nothing wrong with thinking inside the box… as a matter of fact, if we don’t take a little time understanding just what our company’s boxes look like, we have no way to successfully measure just how big we’re growing them, or if we’re being choked by them. Understanding how to successfully and effectively navigate complex organizations, problems, systems, internal organizations and client Org structures requires more appreciation and understand of them and how they work, and less rebelling against them. That’s thinking INSIDE the box. Business Rules means working to understand our current situation so that we can more effectively map our way to our next level of success. We don’t have to buy-in to the mistaken idea that outside-the-box is better; start from inside the box and let your discoveries propel you beyond it!