The Life of Louie…

2015 08 18   Peter Feinstein   The Higher Power in HPM    

This is a different kind of post; unlike advertising, it addresses the very essence of life.

Our boy Louie turned 14-1/2 years old (that’s like 60,000 in dog years!!) a few days ago (8/12)... He’s an amazing soul! As one of our two company mascots, he’s been carrying that torch by himself since his brother Clark’s passing last October 27th.

Over the past few weeks we’ve watched him decline pretty rapidly. Today he’s mostly blind, deaf, with virtually no sense of smell, a heart murmur, heart arrhythmia and dementia that has overwhelmed the meds we’ve been giving him to help keep him “here”.

In the past week he’s all but stopped drinking any appreciable amount of water, not drinking from his bowls, nor taking it from our hands.

All of these things make for a vacant life for Louie… Living in the dark and silence, with an ever-decreasing number of moments of presence. All of these things are so painful for us to watch. It’s with so much sadness, yet love for him, that my wife and I have decided to help Louie shed all these bodily-centered defects, so that he can return to peace and wholeness. We’ll be taking him to the vet, for their help with this, at about 4 this afternoon.

Our hearts are breaking, more for our loss and the hole his absence will leave…but we have some relief that at least he’ll know it’s his mom and dad who set him free to return home. He deserves to pass into sleep with us being at his side, so he truly knows he’s loved, as the last thing he experiences here.

Please say a prayer, or whatever comes to you naturally, whenever it occurs to you today, so that Louie can more easily travel the path of love he so richly deserves! He’s the cleanest, most loving soul we’ve ever encountered!