Publisher Issues Aren’t Relevant to Advertisers

2016 04 19   Peter Feinstein   The Higher Power in HPM    

The world of online advertising is fraught with pitfalls that most of us on the agency side never contemplate – and for good reason: They don’t matter.

As a publisher, if you want me to pay to rent your viewers’ presence for the couple of seconds they’re going to potentially see my clients’ ads, then you’ll charge me whatever you need to charge me. You either make the CPM cut or you don’t. I don’t care what your costs are, what your initiatives are or what ad tech you have to install or invent in order to make my agency experience love you. That’s yourbusiness; however you manage it is up to you.

I’m an empathetic guy. I’ve experienced a lot in my years and have a lot of compassion. Except in business. You go into business with a purpose in mind, and you have a business model that you run, or it runs you. In the end, the only businesses I truly care about are my own and my clients’; I want to know the minutiae so I can be of great service and value.

But as a buyer of media, I don’t give a whit about what you have to do to make ends meet. That would be like crying to my clients that I need to increase my commission rate to pay for a new employee, or because I need to license expensive new software or pay for my expensive new car. Do you know what my clients would say if I pulled that line of crap on them? “You’re fired” – that’s what they’d say. And they would be absolutely right in giving me the boot.

If you’re a publisher and you’ve got to invest in your business to make it attractive or valuable enough for me to consider, then put your best foot forward, listen to what I and my clients need and fulfill based upon your understanding of those needs. Do not cry me a river about how you only get to keep X percent because of all the extra stuff you have to do, or decide between doing. It’s unprofessional, and it demonstrates to me you have no interest in being of service to me or my clients; you simply want my/their money.

Some may laud you for your honesty; I simply look at your rationalizations and laugh, knowing my media buying has just gotten easier by one less publisher I need to worry about.