Let Your Light Shine in Your World, and in the World of Others!

2017 10 06   Peter Feinstein   The Higher Power in HPM    

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We were all born to shine…so why is it that so often people choose not to? Listen to Renie and Peter lead a highly charged conversation that takes on the naysayers… so instead of being dragged down with them, we bring out the light… shining the light in our world and into your world too! Imagine a world where people truly shine. Where their inner light lifts them to their full potential and they find more joy and peace in their lives. When we shine, we engage. When we engage, we contribute. And when we contribute we live a life of reason—a life with a purpose! We awaken our potential and in doing so, we shine a light on others so they in turn are inspired to do the same. As leaders, it is important to let your light shine – and let it shine bright!!