Social Nets Put Profit Before Conscience

2017 09 18   Peter Feinstein   Social Media    

Who is surprised by this?

Stop and think: Facebook was a brilliant idea that Mark Zuckerberg lovingly lifted and made his own. Why would one expect a corporate culture of true community? I don’t buy any of Facebook’s public relations, because that is all it is. The company’s mission is to make money; its purpose is to increase shareholder value; and its goals are to acquire as many participating users as it can, without regard for content.
This comes on the heels of a report that Google underpays women for doing substantially the same work as their male counterparts. While the two are not necessarily related, neither is accidental. And that provides impeccable insight into the true corporate culture of this behemoth: It punishes those who seek to color outside the lines while simultaneously embracing the flow of money from any source. Actually, Google encourages the placement of nearly any ad content by outright suggesting enhancements to original, substandard, human-entered search terms.

At some point, and I’m hopeful it will be sooner rather than later, Google executives and their kissing cousins at Facebook will be required to establish firm, clear and distinct standards and practices – including a deep and thorough vetting of the truth, and funding source, of every single ad.