No Common Stake in Common Standard

2017 05 11   Peter Feinstein   Social Media    

The simple acknowledgement that siloed media and data channels are reality is probably the most powerful tidbit I’ve read in quite some time. It’s a fact I’ve been talking about since the more brash in digital began touting convergence. It’s gloriously wishful thinking and nothing more.

The silos are not coming down, and here’s why: It’s not in any of the individual media outlets’ perceived best interests to risk adopting the standardization that open gardens require. I’m not judging whether their perceptions are right or wrong, or even good or bad. I’m just presenting my observations.

In recognition of the myriad standards of data and reporting of data, we continue to seek solutions that yield half-measures. They’re pretty worthless because they don’t take into account all the different formats and variables, nor do they learn all the new bits of data increasing the flow daily.

What’s needed is a flexible template that can digest all the different standards and output the results accurately in one universally accepted format. Is it coming? Maybe. We may need to create it. If so, then we will. And then we’ll give it away so that it benefits everyone who wishes to use it.