I Don’t Have Time for Your Surveys

2015 08 07   Peter Feinstein   Social Media    

Cheers to Gord Hotchkiss for telling it like it is for him, me and millions more who despise the whole “rate me” me mentality we’ve devolved to online.

More than 20 years ago, the automotive industry infused its sales (and then service) experience with customer surveys. The online world grabbed this as its panacea for demonstrating its worth. It possesses neither organically.

I disdain all the requests for feedback – even for stuff I use every day. Since I’m connecting to businesses’ servers, they can infer that I perceive enough value that I keep returning.

I would take the time to offer up a rating only if, in one of those idiotic surveys, there was a ready-made box under the “Yes” link that let me choose the number of stars I wanted to award and the opportunity to select from, say, 20 emotion-descriptive words, with the option to add my own.

But will I offer a freehand, off-the-cuff review when I’m busy living life? Forget about it.