Hey Twitter, Don’t Let a Client Ruin A Good Idea

2014 08 11   Peter Feinstein   Social Media    

Twitter is launching an advertising option called “Flock to Unlock,” the website AllTwitter reported. According to writer Lauren Dugan, “The idea is to ‘unlock’ a deal only when a certain number of followers retweet a particular message.”

I love the idea. But …

For the launch, Twitter is partnering with sportswear company Puma as part of Puma’s “Forever Faster” campaign. The unlockable content, Dugan writes, is a set of TV ads that Puma’s fans can watch two days ahead of their TV airing.

Really? If that’s the best the folks at Puma could do, and Twitter approved it, then both parties are nuts. Sorry, let me explain:

The idea of participating in a retweeting barrage to simply see a commercial two days before it airs on TV is stupid. There, I said it. It’s stupid. There is literally NO reason to Flock to Unlock for Puma — to be able to watch a TV commercial two days before it airs on national TV presents no value proposition to the consumer.

My best guess on the campaign’s prospects? In a sane world, there would be a huge backlash from tweeters, calling out both Twitter and Puma for their sheer stupidity. But I witness enough insanity every day that I can’t discount the potential success of this inane idea.

A note to Twitter: Next time a company approaches you with the desire to latch onto your Flock to Unlock, demand that they offer something of value to the consumer. Don’t ever sell yourselves out for something that has no value.

And my note to Puma: You couldn’t come up with anything better? Perhaps offer everyone who retweets a chance in a sweepstakes to win two pairs of Pumas — one to wear and one autographed by your sponsored athletes. It’s a “no brainer” and would guarantee huge participation. It would unlock social media value and generate some significant brand power. In order to move up the food chain, Puma has to do better.