Don’t Take Social-Media Metrics Too Seriously

2015 10 14   Peter Feinstein   Social Media    

I like the simplicity of the explanation for each of the three terms. My challenge is getting them to fit into the nice, neat box of return on investment (ROI).

They don’t fit into that box, and only a very few forward-thinking players in direct response are even trying. Everyone else is attempting to pave a pathway to attribution, which hopefully should enable tracking conversions that ultimately might reveal ROI. It sounds like an Easter-egg hunt gone awry.

If that’s the case, and it is, then why spend all this money on the branding, especially when so many brands fail to actually complete the connection with those who do engage via social media? Because “everyone else is.” Lemming behavior strikes again!

My business uses social media for one thing, and one thing only: to communicate our point of view and let people know who we really are, on a very broad scale. If anything comes of it, wonderful, but we don’t spend any money telling our story. Instead we build our brand organically.