Quality Tops Quantity in Advertising

2015 02 09   Peter Feinstein   Per Inquiry Advertising    

More isn’t better. More is only more.

The growing diversity of choices available to advertisers has fragmented the market to the point that it’s virtually impossible to make the same impact with a posting or ad as it was six months ago, or even six weeks ago in some media.

The answer isn’t more. The answer is better.

In a brief titled “More Is Not Better Without Effectiveness,” the Center for Media Research contends that: “Smart content can overcome bad distribution, but smart distribution cannot save bad content.”

Advertisers need to understand better:

  • who they want to reach;
  • what will trigger response; and
  • how to integrate their message into the lives of those in the target audience.

Perhaps most of all, advertisers must accept the fact that, due to the explosion of available channels of delivery (aka choice), it’s not possible to reach as many people as before. So they must gain a better understanding of how all these factors conspire to make the mission of producing return on investment (ROI) much more challenging.

This understanding reveals the path ahead. Less is more; less panic about how to be everywhere and everything to everyone. Instead, focus more on concentrating the effort.

“For marketers, the real challenge, and real opportunity, lies in the initial content creation phase” the CFR report concludes. “Improved analytics empower marketers to course-correct their content strategy in real time for maximum long-term impact.”

Using what’s known about the target audience – what will draw responses – can help advertisers focus effort and energy into a more powerful, compelling message that moves the market.