TV Scale Dwarfs that of Online Platforms

2018 03 01   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline MediaTV and Ratings    

In “TV Advertising Has A Marketing Problem” (MediaPost, Jan. 25), Dave Morgan nails it. Again. He’s so on-point that anyone in TV who reads this ought to be as inspired as the movies’ Jerry McGuire was with his own manifesto.

Those in digital should understand just how small they really are, and how it’s going to take decades for linear, cable and satellite TV to become something other than what they are today.

Read this and understand that YouTube is no big deal. Judge Judy – tiny little Judge Judy, all by her lonesome – kicks YouTube’s butt every single day. One show vs. an entire platform. Do you begin to see just how little real scale there is everywhere but on TV? Yes, yes, I know: A YouTube “star” gets 2 million views over the course of what, two months? That’s nice. I buy 2 million views in a morning on TV. That’s a valid comparison.

So Morgan is right, TV does have a marketing problem. Because the truth is that TV should be putting these itty-bitty over-the-top (#OTT) services out of business. Yes, even YouTube – just don’t have the scale to merit “instead of” relevance. As add-ons, some OTT have somer power… and that’s not denied, but to proclaim linear, cable and/or satellite TV as irrelevant paints an incorrect picture.irrelevant