Transparency Crucial for Programmatic TV

2015 08 13   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

After reading “Context vs. Targeting: Which Matters More For Programmatic TV?” (AdExchanger, Aug. 3), I think I have a man crush on Bryan Noguchi. It’s so refreshing to come across someone who so clearly expresses the real need for media to deliver and be accountable for more than just impressions!

Noguchi nails it: All impressions not only are not created equally; some have the potential to do harm.

HPM doesn’t buy TV programmatically yet because there is so little transparency. Yeah, we know that the programmatics suggest we run a female 35-54 oriented health-care product on a series of networks, but when three of the nine nets are more than 63 percent male-targeted, I stop the process right there. In order for programmatics to work for TV, we need to know, right down to the show, where the impressions are. Without that transparency, it fails.

Our clients hold us accountable for fulfilling our promise to fill their sales funnels with qualified calls (because their outstanding creative plays to the right consumer segment). So if the best we can tell them is, “This schedule is guaranteed to deliver targeted impressions and we saved you $200,000,” we also fail. It all comes down to context. I understand the human desire to build a better mousetrap; I have it too. But that thrill to implement deeply flawed programmatic TV buying must be tempered with staying true to being of real value to the people whose money we’re spending. We treat it like it’s our own money, and that’s served everyone’s best interests.

Thanks for sounding the clarion so clearly, Bryan. We stand shoulder to shoulder with you.