Supply Side Must Take Control of Programmatic

2016 04 21   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

The author of this item, Bryan Noguchi, and I are cut from much of the same cloth. He espouses the same safeguards that I’ve held as the necessary basis for any kind of depth and scale in programmatic TV buying.

In order to ensure that pricing does not become a race to the bottom, which could decimate the medium, those who are playing on the supply side need to set the rules. It is, after all, their inventory. Adopting minimum pricing reserves and setting aside certain key inventory avails in exchange for higher-value media buys should all be a part of it. And with the sophistication of technology that we can apply to all kinds of inventory-management situations, the supply side should be able to carefully orchestrate a system that sells available inventory for top dollar, but without gouging the media-buying community.

I recommend Noguchi’s article as a must read, and I’d be interested in your take.