Science vs. Spirituality in Advertising

2018 02 12   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

I wonder why there aren’t any spiritual guides at Viacom or elsewhere. Why are they putting all their bank solely on the minds of scientists?

I applaud the sciences, but I don’t worship them or elevate them to a place of infallibility. Scientists are really knowledgeable people who rely on man-made stuff to make black-and-white predictions about things that are as gray as it gets – literally gray matter.

You might think I’m joking, but I’m as serious as a heart attack. There isn’t anything these learned folks can bring to the table compared to what someone who is attuned to spirit can offer. It’s not even close.

When I speak of spiritual guides, I’m not talking about charlatans who claim to speak for God and then put their hands out because God “told them to go fleece the sheep”. Sorry … does that hit too close to home, or maybe just below the belt? I’m seeking to make a point, and sometimes the only way to do that is to be a thorn in the side, so to speak.

I’m talking about these mega media companies that sidestep the true nature of humanity in favor of “data science”, instead of embracing the gray area of spirit. It would be better for them to attempt to understand what drives the species, so they can be of true service to their clients. A person with either a natural or well-practiced affinity for the Divine can offer far more insight into the human psyche than anyone with a pile of scientific degree initials after his or her name; these deeply educated literally know nothing.

The truth about science is that what was fact yesterday is often dismissed as false today, and what was once false becomes fact, then fades into obscurity after its conclusions are scuttled by a mountain of empirical data. Don’t get me wrong; there is value in studying science. It helps point the way to understanding the nature of God, as long as that’s what we’re seeking. But otherwise – and quantum physics bears me out on this – science delivers only on what is being studied, and what is being studied reforms itself to fit the expectations of those studying it.

Quick … if you had to use a verb to describe the action of something forming itself based upon the expectations of those looking at it, what would it be? The answer: Seeing. But not in the way you might expect. It’s not seeing for the sake of seeing, but rather for the sake of believing.

Seeing is believing. It is the basis for every single science and scientific theory.

Why not believe differently and bring spiritual guides into the process to offer insight and understanding to the true nature of the universe? If you believe it, you will see it. THAT is how the universe actually works.

It makes so much more sense to bring in those who revel in the gray area to interpret what drives gray matter.

Don’t you agree?