ROI Reveals True Value of Media Ad Buys

2015 11 02   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

Almost since I started blogging, I’ve been beating the drum for Return On Investment (ROI) to be the most important metric in advertising. Finally, it seems, others are seeing its value.

Anything that moves the price of advertising into alignment with its ability to deliver ROI is welcome news. Therein lies the true value of every media transaction. This is noteworthy, and something all of us in the agency world should stand up and applaud. It makes our jobs so much easier: We get to produce branded direct-response (DR) messaging, which means we get to be creatively relevant. That’s powerful!

  • Moving Beyond Branding: Holding TV Accountable For ROI, Media Daily News, Oct. 13
  • While I get the gist of this item – that ROI for TV is lagging that of online video, and that changes are coming – I don’t possess quite the certainty the author does. The changes I’ve witnessed to TV in the past year or two are nothing close to the certainties offered by many pundits, who have applied linear thinking to a non-linear, inherently disruptive process – just as we see here. I think that there are a great many unintended consequences coming to TV that virtually no one sees coming. Time will tell.