Publishers to Blame for Ad-Block Boom

2016 10 28   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

First, the answer to the question above: Yes.

It’s that simple. The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) is wrong. I don’t care what content providers think they “deserve” in the way of my attention to the obnoxious advertising they put on their sites. They’re wrong. If the IAB or the sites don’t like it, they can sue me.

Or better yet, instead of crying and pointing fingers at everyone else, they should look at the common denominator to all their problems – themselves. In every instance, ad blocking happens because publishers vomit on consumers the most vile stuff that they call advertising, annoying everyone who has had to endure the assault – just so they can deliver the impressions they promised. I’d lay money and give you huge odds that the loudest complainers, including key execs at the IAB, use ad-blocking software. Wanna bet? Thought not; I’d win. Big.

Next, I don’t care what Apple has done or is going to do. Guess what, the market will decide if Apple’s way is going to be the way. Publishers shouldn’t waste time crying about it; they should innovate an alternative. Life isn’t fair; publishers need to put on their big-person clothes, grow up and innovate. And stop pointing their lazy, self-absorbed, falsely self-entitled fingers at everyone but themselves. They’re the only ones to blame for the position in which they find themselves.

Think I’m wrong? Think again. If folks had bought the IAB’s line of thinking in 1941, Americans would have complained about Pearl Harbor being bombed. Instead, we pulled ourselves up by our bootstraps and took the battle to the Japanese, intent on demonstrating the error in judgment. Online publishers are in a battle for their very existence; they’d better step up, stop their pity party and innovate.

It’s their only hope.