Programmatic Buying Doesn’t Need New Process

2016 03 28   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

I really like the ideas Operative CEO Lorne Brown expressed in “How To Make Programmatic TV Grow Faster? Simplify It.” (AdExchanger, Feb. 25)

I’m in favor of keeping things simple. When the industry transitioned from analog and standard definition to high definition, there was some very temporary discomfort and confusion; entirely manageable because it didn’t involve deciding whether to spend money in a new media channel. It was cut and dry: I’m buying TV; it works; and this is what it takes.

Programmatic TV needs to be simple. Let me sign in, see the inventory and pricing and make my buy. Then let me upload my client’s creative in the same specs we’re all using today.

Why do we have all this hand-wringing and teeth gnashing? Because the ad techies, in order to establish job security, complicate things and attempt to baffle us with their BS. We need ad tech to write the code to automate what we need – and then get the heck out of the way. If they’re half as bright as they claim (and seek to charge), they should be able to do this easily.

This isn’t coming from ignorance – rather, precise understanding of the process and what it really takes to get the job done.