Print Media Have Value in Simplicity

2015 07 29   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

Precisely right! While the metrics for return on investment (ROI) may have shifted ever so slightly for print, rumors of its demise have been greatly exaggerated – predominantly by those with a vested interest in it vanishing: folks in online media.

The truly wonderful thing about print media is there is no fraud, no question of viewability. It simply exists; its presence making its value self-evident.

The rainmakers of online media have enjoyed a windfall but are orchestrating their own substantial downsizing with their vain attempts to deflect attention away from the true business issues of non-performing media: 50 percent-plus impression fraud and no cohesive standard of viewability.

No, online media isn’t going to disappear, but I believe a near-cataclysmic series of events will reveal online media for what it is: the ugly stepchild of offline media that actually work and don’t suffer from all the obvious detriments inherent online.