Online Ads Can’t Match Radio’s Scale

2017 02 02   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

While the headline “Why Digital Hasn’t Killed The Radio Star” (AdExchanger, Jan. 6) begs the question, the answer is straightforward: Digital has no scale; it offers only mass fragmentation and minuscule reach. That is not a recipe for instilling advertiser confidence, and with good reason. It needs scale to drive return on investment, and everyone in business knows that only ROI matters. Everything else is merely wishful thinking.

Yes, it’s true that the smartest broadcast owners are attempting to integrate data they get from their digital assets with third-party data to try and get intelligent guidance on offering advertisers better targeting. But they must understand that the targeting they can offer still is only as good as the third-part data they’re using – and their integration science. Mostly, it’s just too new for them to offer any true insight. But at least they’re trying!