Online Ad Metrics: Keep Them Simple

2016 08 02   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

I love the desire to simplify what is complicated.

In “Viewable Cost Per View: The Ultimate Metric For Video Advertising” (AdExchanger, June 27), Todd Tran tries to cut through all the digital BS and arrive at a measurement standard that accounts for the most critical elements of online video advertising.

He falls short only because of the complexity of the digital video universe and the absurd range of what constitutes viewability, duration of view, etc. But what he’s able to wrangle, he manages really well – and for that I’m grateful.

At my agency, we take a very simplistic view: If the add isn’t 100 percent viewable and doesn’t run to completion, it’s not payable. Period. That’s how Hulu operates, and we have no reason to expect less from anyone else.