Facebook’s Ad Hubris Will Cost It Dearly

2017 06 20   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

Marketers Press Claims Against Facebook Over Inflated Metrics (MediaPost, May 22)

Facebook doesn’t get it; any company that says a case against it should be dismissed based on a technicality effectively has conceded guilt. Innocent defendants or respondents don’t look for technicalities; they rightfully proclaim their innocence.

Now Facebook is going to become an even bigger target. Its admissions should have come with rebates, refunds and future advertising discounts. It’s not like it has any hard costs to cover from advertising; it’s a money-making machine. If Facebook executives can’t manage it to the extent that they’re unable to issue accurate reporting, they need to be held accountable for the consequences. They should be only too happy to offer whatever it is their clients might want to make it right. It’s called taking responsibility.

Facebook’s lack of foresight on this is going to cost it far more than if it simply had done the right thing from the beginning.