Advertisers Need to See Value in OTT

2018 02 20   Peter Feinstein   Online vs Offline Media    

A headline this week in the trade publication AdExchanger asks a fantastic question: OTT Audiences Are There – So Why Aren’t Advertisers Buying? (Feb. 13)

In the article, the reasons are laid out by key agency executives. If, as an over-the-top (#OTT) channel, you think you deserve to be bought literally because you exist, I apologize if we on the agency side gave you that impression. It may be that OTT has a sincere value to add to any advertiser’s media mix, but OTT has to do what every other media has had to do in order to generate demand: It has to demonstrate success; nothing sparks success like success. And I’m not talking about a sales department that makes a couple of big one-off sales to an agency willing to take a flier based on a willing client. I’m talking about success from the client side, where a client is able to accurately and successfully track a sales ROI from their use of a new OTT channel/platform. The one truth about success is that success begets success. . The history of failed businesses is littered with millions of failures who thought just like you. The world is not going to beat a path to your door just because you’re open for business.

Even if you’re an established OTT platform, distribution point or channel, you need to establish a measurable value that a brand can attach to you or your audience; the old saying goes, “Money talks, everything else walks”. If you can prove your OTT can generate an ROI for an advertiser, that’s literally money in the bank. You may not be able to do that on your own if you don’t have a success story like I’ve described above. You don’t any real, legitimate audience measurement tool that you can bring to agencies or clients and say, “See!”. But you have my company, with over 19 years of experience and a unique track record of building up new media channels with powerful client success stories that can be leveraged into substantial new business - that’s the money in the bank I was talking about!

This isn’t a one-time thing, limited to certain instances; we’ve replicated our successful process time and again, on cable TV, satellite TV, digital streaming and radio. We can do it for you in OTT.

Interested? You should be … because we can change the equation from a lack of buyers to actual, top-line advertising sales that put real pressure on your inventory, so you get to raise rates and grow your roster of successful clients.

Take a flier! You have nothing to lose and millions of dollars to gain.