Tech is a Tool, Not an Answer

2015 06 11   Peter Feinstein   Media and Regualtion    

In a recent post to AdExchanger‘s Data-Driving Thinking column (Where Did All The Marketers Go? June 1, 2015), Patrick Hounsell makes one of the strongest statements supporting my own belief that technology is simply an enabler of more refined communication – that it is simply a conduit through which communication flows.

Think how easy it is for us to become entranced with a shiny new toy, widget or technology. So much so that our eyes glaze over, and we forget the true purpose of what we do. It’s an addiction, and many of us become powerless to see our way clear. We think that if we can just play connect the dots on all the possible places people could see, hear or otherwise experience our client’s message, then we’ll be okay. That’s the insanity of addiction – and so we do the same thing over and over, expecting to make progress, but all we get is what we got.

The awakening takes place when we see the true purpose of technology – as a tool to help us deliver our most finely crafted marketing messages for the benefit of our clients and the end users. That’s a worthwhile use of human brain power, because it almost requires more than one person to get the job done. That is when we have at least a fighting chance to engage a more enlightened and inspiring consciousness.