Targeted Local TV Ad Buys Could Boost Efficiency

2014 10 20   Peter Feinstein   Media and Regualtion    

Earlier this week, MediaPost published two articles about what it calls “the most significant development yet to bring programmatic media-buying to local broadcast television.”

Here are the links:
On the surface, this looks like a pretty nifty use of technology.

I had lunch recently with the general manager of a major cable operation. His informed commentary on local TV was that it remains very transaction-oriented – a real paper-shuffle in which programming changes tie up sales staffs selling, shuffling and reselling advertising slots to accommodate clients’ preferences for time or program. Sounds like a nightmare to me – and to him, which is why he went back to cable.

Should Wide Orbit’s system succeed in tapping the actual inventory of open slots, rather than what a sales department says is available, it has the potential to cut out the middlemen – salespeople who think they can better manage and maximize inventory. This would streamline the process for both stations and media buyers.

The opportunity to reduce paperwork and boost efficiency at the local level would be powerfully attractive. We’ll see what the advertising community and its clients say after the WideOrbit platform been implemented and tested a bit.