Shortsighted Business Threatens Common Good

2016 01 08   Peter Feinstein   Media and Regualtion    

Whenever I read someone saying they’ve got some very cool tech gizmo that’s been thoroughly tested, is completely safe and will be rolled out immediately, I think: “These guys have found a way to dramatically reduce their hard costs and don’t give a rat’s ass whom it impacts.”

In the case of Verizon’s push to use unlicensed spectrum, we’re talking about a chip set that lets it invade unlicensed radio frequencies and take command of existing Wi-Fi networks. These impatient corporate executives don’t want to wait because they’ve done the research and it doesn’t matter what it shows; they only care that it can save them billions of dollars and boost profits into the stratosphere.

I’m all-in on cost reduction and profit boosting – as long as it causes no harm. It’s called “commerce with a conscience” and it’s how all good business is conducted. These tiny little minds at Verizon and irrelevant Qualcomm don’t care about what happens in the wake of their actions; their concern doesn’t extend past their greedy little minds.

What will happen is that someone is going to venture into this space, find out that it is far worse in disrupting and disabling existing Wi-Fi than even the critics are warning, and the lawsuits that will be filed against Verizon and Qualcomm will dwarf the potential savings they coveted. And they will deserve every penny of loss they pass along to their shareholders.

These are not bright people running these companies. And time will demonstrate their lack of thinking and foresight. They’re all about commerce without a conscience!