Humans Must Reject, not Solve, Facial Recognition

2015 09 21   Peter Feinstein   Media and Regualtion    

Privacy is an interesting matter, and facial recognition is fast coming of age as a component in the looming dogfight. As we learn in “GAO Stares Back At Facial Recognition” (Data and Targeting Insider, Sept. 9), even the government is catching on.

Interestingly, a recent Advertising Age article revealed that a significant percentage of the much-maligned Millennials are quietly revolting against a vocal minority’s undisciplined sharing of their lives by keeping private everything they can – revealing only the smallest shards of their personal lives. Because they are so quiet, they’ve nearly been overlooked. This is the group on which we’re going to have to rely in order to recapture our privacy from the pirates of commerce who operate without consciences.

But how should the market deal with this issue? If you dig deeper into “Yes, Anti-Facial-Recognition Glasses Are Coming” (Fast Company, Aug. 27) you get to the meat of the matter – the call for a real solution, not another market to defeat what should be illegal anyway.