FCC Boss: Commerce Over Conscience

2017 03 28   Peter Feinstein   Media and Regualtion    

This is a shining example of how personalities get in the way of principles.

New FCC Chairman Ajit Pai seems more interested in setting his feet into the quick-dry cement at the FCC than in maintaining a sound set of policies designed to protect the rights and privacy of more than 300 million Americans. He’s way more interested in currying favor with the internet service providers (ISPs), which are factually common carriers, mere utilities, than in siding with the citizens his little fiefdom is supposed to protect.

It’s a shame, because commerce over conscience can be changed easily to commerce with a conscience.

Consumer groups lobbying against Pai’s policy changes have valid arguments on many levels, but let’s be honest here: Nothing will change the new chairman’s mind faster than some enterprising black-hat entrepreneur scoring a direct hit on Pai’s own private data and exposing it publicly for our delight and his despair. That would likely shift Pai’s point of view, converting him into one of ISP broadband control’s most passionate proponents. It’s exactly the kind of shift needed to get the support these consumer advocates really need to win.