Subscriber-Based Netflix Confounds Competitors

2016 01 25   Peter Feinstein   Media and Politics    

I find it almost indescribably funny how advertising-driven TV execs are so desperate to know Netflix’s viewership numbers. Almost, but not entirely.

  • We’ve got Tweedle Dee over at NBC spending an obscene amount of shareholder money on a company using technology that can’t possibly deliver accurate information on the prospective outlet being examined. What makes it even funnier is that NBC rolls out its results at a special news conference. Comical!
  • Then we have Tweedle Dum at FX clearly not understanding that Netflix doesn’t care about actual viewership because it doesn’t sell advertising. This guy thinks that Netflix should have to reveal what information it has!
  • Together these two are better than the Sunday comics. They represent the worst of the old-time, small-minded TV execs who fail to realize not only that they’ve already experienced their zenith, but also that their revenue models are obsolete.

The truth is this: Netflix has to answer to only one group – its subscribers. By every measure, it is meeting the demands, needs and desires of its sole target market; witness its worldwide subscriber growth.

I can tell you one thing: When Netflix begins selling advertising, it will have far more information about all its viewers than any other TV content provider could hope to have. And it’s when, not if. You heard it here first.