Annoying, Yes, But Political Ads Good for Economy

2014 10 27   Peter Feinstein   Media and Politics    

With Election Day less then two weeks off, the cacophony of political advertising is deafening – almost mind numbing. Still, I can’t dispute Forbes’ assertion that, “Campaign Spending Freedom Is Great For Speech and The Advertising-Media Sector.” I understand the power associated with creating a non-connected Super PAC and how it can do some remarkable things to ignite the economy, as well as enhance our freedom of speech.

CNBC eyes a single platform in “Political Ads Flood Pandora Before Mid-Terms.” I like the depth of this article, which covers several different perspectives. The one that often gets overlooked is consumer reactivity.

Early in my career, I had the good fortune of being mentored by Chuck DeBare of ABC Radio. He often quipped that they did an enormous amount of research to find out what annoyances might cause people to change their station … and they sought to avoid that at all costs. Wise words from back in the day that still ring true!